Planning and Writing Meeting Agenda

meeting agendaMeeting agenda is a list of topics or arrangements that is to be discussed or handled during a meeting. A well designed meeting agenda is crucial to the success of meeting. Managers need  to understand the importance of meeting agenda to the meeting.

Meeting Agenda Basics

Before you making a meeting agenda, it is important to understand the purpose and types of meeting. The key purpose of meeting is to let people gather together for transacting business. There are basically two types of meeting: problem solving meeting and decision meeting. In the problem solving meeting, participant needs to define and understand the challenges and then propose ideas to the challenges. In the decision making meeting, the meeting participant make decisions on the problems, during the meeting, it is important for the meeting participants to agree on the decision making process and try best to make a group consensus.

Meeting agenda need to know its types and objectives. There are different types of meeting agenda for various objectives. For example, sales meeting agenda is for sales meeting; board meeting agenda is for board meeting; business meeting agenda is formal business meeting. The formality and types of meeting will have important impact on the style and layout of meeting agenda.

Writing a Meeting Agenda

Before you write your detail meeting agenda, you need to understand the purpose and outcome of the meeting. For example, You need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the meeting purpose?
  • Whether the meeting is to solve the problem, review the progress or make a decision?
  • Roles of the participant? What is the roles of participant and the time allocation for each participant
  • Items to be discussed

Before you write a meeting agenda, it is also important to make arrangement on the following things:

  • Date, time and place of the meeting
  • Who is calling the meeting
  • Duration of the meeting
  • Any material or documents for the participant before the meeting.

Meeting Agenda Layout

There is no standard format and layout for a meeting agenda, however, your meeting agenda needs to include the following key items:

  • Meeting topics and objectives
  • Meeting leader
  • Meeting Data and time
  • Meeting Location
  • Meeting Attendees
  • Detail Meeting Agenda and Arrangement