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running is a popular sport, the progression system is well researched and proven. if you want a good race time, the 10-20% at an uncomfortable pace is important, but adding more mileage at that pace is a recipe for injury. with that in mind, kettlebells are really ideally suited to high intensity interval training, because swinging a heavy kettlebell is inherently intense. hiit isn’t idea for strength training, but it can be effective, and it is great for cardio- especially if combined with steady state, “long slow distance” work. the answer is circuit training, where you do 300-1000 movements with a light kettlebell in 30 minutes. 1,000 swings for me was a disaster 🙁 too much volume and not enough rest in addition to running.

i moved down to the 16kg then it felt exactly like you are describing in the last paragraph where it is too light and just doesn’t seem as beneficial. i love learning more about this and will continue using the combination of kettlebells and distance running for marathon training. i bet they figured out they can milk a lot more money out of one day courses over a few years. of course, they do have a lot of great free content so i’m not too mad. it would have been nice to get the book that you get at the seminar a little bit in advance so that i could study before i got there. don’t pretend you do for the sake of appearing scientific.

first reddit accolade, dang. thank you! edit 2: should have expected more specific questions about my programming and what does think about pavels theory of antiglycolytic training? as opposed to s&s goal of 100 kb swings in under 5 it’s referred to as “anaerobic (effort) + aerobic (recovery)”, anti-glycolytic training (agt), and branded strong , anti glycolytic training reddit site www strongfirst com prmd nisv, anti glycolytic training reddit site www strongfirst com prmd nisv.

pavel has written about avoiding hydrogen build up and also about avoiding training the glycolytic system. it is how you welcome to reddit’s hiit community! we are solution: anti-glycolytic training ( agt) protocols are just like they i’ve paired this with the core ideas from strongfirst’s anti-glycolytic training, i.e. short bursts of activity followed by longer ,

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