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mr. brougham, a painter, was working with ribs and clavicles as an art handler, a profession that is often a day job for artists. art handlers are typically itinerants of the art world: working when they need money, shifting among galleries and museums, striving to see their own art hung on the walls where they spend their days hanging more acclaimed creations. working as much with the artist as the curator or private owner, handlers need to be as skilled in the politics as well as the mechanics of exhibitions. but others, particularly museums, think that artists bring the right combination of touch and temperament to the handling of multimillion-dollar objects. a 2004 survey by the american association of museums in washington found that art handlers who work full time and climb to management roles can earn more than $100,000 at large museums on the east and west coasts.

“it’s true that the precision that my job demands is contrary to my nature as an artist,” said mr. brougham, who had been a biology and scientific-illustration major in college. “i get to my workshop on weekends and evenings, also i have a good holiday package that gives me the time i need,” said mr. criddle, who added that the technical term for handler, preparator, means undertaker in the english town where he grew up. mr. criddle also takes advantage of the opportunities that a small town can offer him as an artist. clifford dossel, a 46-year-old lighting installer and art handler at the baltimore museum of art, said, “a lot of discussion goes on among the artists who work here. “it’s a lot like the sort of professional conversation you would hear in the corridors of a high-tech company or stock traders,” said mr. dossel, a sculptor who is working on creating glass-enclosed objects incorporating 35-millimeter slide imagery. “there are artists who you just gape at — you wonder how did they ever earn a living.

63 art handler salaries provided anonymously by employees. what salary does a art handler earn in your area? how much do art handler jobs pay a year? the average annual pay for an art handler job in the us is $30932 a year. the average salary for “museum art handler” ranges from approximately $36,671 yearly for material , art handler jobs, art handler jobs, art handler job description.

the average art handler salary in usa is $33150 per year or $17 per hour. with neuvoo’s salary tool, you can search the average salary at museums nationwide is about $40,000 for supervising handlers, the survey said. the average salary for guggenheim museum art handler is $43553 per year, ranging from $38876 to $47686.,

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