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the curriculum for each program includes three components that must be completed sequentially: an online curriculum, a live course with hands-on training, and a post-course skills assessment and post-test. each program is designed to specifically teach standardized knowledge and motor skills in the specific procedure. on the second day, participants will complete a one-on-one skills assessment as well as a post-test, and will be provided feedback from their performance at the completion of the course. to allow more direct interaction with faculty and to maximize the quality of your experience, registration is limited to the first 40 physician registrants. asge recognizes that communication and coordination with your team is an important component of successful assimilation of advanced endoscopic procedures into your practice. we are committed to assuring the highest level of scientific rigor, research-based evidence and practicality to clinical use is conveyed throughout this educational activity.

asge requires all subject matter experts, committee members and staff planners who are in a position to control any aspect of content to disclose all relevant financial relationships with any commercial interests. a financial relationship in any amount is considered a potential conflict of interest, is peer-reviewed and resolved according to asge’s educational conflict of interest policy and procedure prior to the start of this program. this asge educational program addresses the following desirable physician attributes that align with acgme/abms competencies, institute of medicine competencies and/or interprofessional education collaborative competencies: a) medical knowledge; b) practice-based learning and improvement; c) provide patient-centered care; and d) employ evidence-based practice. each educational activity serves to maintain, develop, or increase our learner’s knowledge, skill, and professional performance. content developed for this educational activity is based upon a body of knowledge and skills generally recognized and accepted by the gi profession and asge’s standards of practice, the basic medical sciences, the discipline of clinical medicine, and the provision of health care to the public. privacy policy | terms of use 3300 woodcreek dr., downers grove, il 60515 phone: (630) 573-0600 | fax: (630) 963-8332 | email: ©2020 asge.

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asge-jges masters course in poem and third space endoscopy. asge and the japan gastroenterological lower gi emr. february 9 –10, 2019 combining an online evidence-based curriculum with a live course, hands-on. competency-based curriculum with a live course, endoscopic mucosal resection (emr) for the upper gi tract., asge certification, asge lower gi emr, asge courses, asge endoscopy course

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