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business network international (bni) is a business networking group that has chapters across the united states and around the world. bni connect is a bni members-only social network that links their global network of more than 240,000 members. your local chapter may have additional fees, and there are bni courses you can pay for as well. the best way to find local bni chapters is to visit the main website at and use the “find a chapter” search function.

joining a bni chapter is a commitment – there are weekly 90-minute meetings, often beginning at 7 a.m. if you’re going to be absent, you’re asked to send someone in your stead. there are also one-to-ones, meetings during which you sit down with another bni member and learn each other’s business. and depending on how active your chapter is there may be a number of other networking functions as well. bni connect also provides the opportunity to fill out and upload online referral slips (instead of paper referrals). it’s important to complete your bni connect profile, because other members are going to be searching for your services and you’re far more likely to get a referral if you have a fleshed-out profile with your picture.

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