Board meeting agenda template

Board meeting agenda template is a sample document that shows the process and procedures of board of director meeting. A well drafted board meeting agenda sample can help both the company secretary and directors to achieve the meeting objectives.


Board Meeting Agenda Overview

Board meeting agenda needs to give to board of directors in advance. Board meeting is crucial to the strategic decision and success of company. The company secretary is normally responsible for arranging board meetings and general meetings, and ensuring there’s a proper record of the meeting.

Board meeting agenda needs to understand the roles and responsibilities of board of directors. One of the key duties of Board is to select and appoint a chief executive to whom responsibility for the administration of the organization is delegated. In the annual meeting, the Board is responsible for reviewing the performance of management team.

Board Meeting Agenda Template

There are free agenda example you can download for reference, however, you can design your own personalized sample Board meeting agenda using common software such as Word, Excel. During the process, it is important to consider the board meeting agenda format, board meeting agenda process and procedure.

The first key part in board meeting agenda template is the meeting details. In the section, you need to state the meeting place, meeting time and meeting location.

The second key part in board meeting agenda sample is the meeting process. In the section, you need to state the details of meeting procedures. For example, The Chairman’s Address:___; The Report Items may include: last year business report; supervisor review of last year financial statements; report endorsement and guarantee conditions; Set forth meeting rules for the Company’s board of directors. The Acknowledgment, discussion and voting items may include: Submission and acknowledgement of the last year financial statements; Submission and acknowledgement of the Company’s 2006 earnings distribution plan; Submission and election of directors and supervisors and submission and vote on proposed removal of non-competing clause for directors.

The last key part in board meeting agenda format is the special motions and resolution of the meeting. In the section, you need to give space for the resolution and decision of the meeting.