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the candidate physical ability test (cpat) is the recognized standard for measuring an individual’s ability to handle the physical demands of being a firefighter. participants in the cpat must navigate eight separate events on a closed course within a span of 10 minutes and 20 seconds. for the stair climb – the first event – candidates will don an additional 25-lb weight, to simulate the carrying of a hose pack into a high-rise fire. candidates will be accompanied by a test proctor, who will call out directions for the test events and score the candidate’s success in real time. candidates also fail if they do not complete the eight events within the 10-minute, 20-second time limit. the cpat testing fee is $150, which includes the test and two optional orientation sessions. additional practice days can also be scheduled separately for an additional fee. changes less than two business days before a scheduled cpat will be subject to a $50 processing fee.

if you want to schedule another test day, you will have to pay the full fee again. during orientation, candidates will receive instruction on the test and the test events, and will have the opportunity to try out the cpat testing equipment to better understand what will be required. candidates who take advantage of orientation consistently have a higher passage rate than those who do not. in addition to orientation, candidates have the option to sign up for at least two (2) timed practice runs prior to the test itself. unlike orientation, practice tests are a full-scale simulation of the test. if you choose not to participate in this pre-test program, you will be required to sign a waiver acknowledging that you are aware of the pre-test program and have declined to include it in your preparations to complete the cpat. like firefighting, the key to success in the cpat is preparation. fctc does not provide attire for those taking the test.

“it is extremely important to add different exercises to your cpat training. you can use different tools, but one that is national testing network provides convenient, professional administration of the candidate physical abilities test (cpat) when you get close to the 3:20 minute mark, your proctor will alert you so that you get ready to dismount the stair climber., cpat test near me, cpat test near me, cpat test dates 2020, cpat test locations, cpat practice test.

before taking the cpat, lafd offers free training sessions twice a month at frank hotchkins memorial training center. this workout plan is comprised of four sessions per week, and you should give yourself a minimum of six weeks training it may, therefore, be beneficial for you to alter your training to prepare for the candidate physical ability test. page 11 , cpat testing near me, cpat test arizona, cpat written test, cpat video

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