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bodybuilders are obsessed with their craft, and if a modified powerlifting program was the ticket to winning a show, then the powerlifting dungeons would be overrun by shaved dudes in string tank tops. thanks to the labels, i’d resigned myself to thinking that i was put on this earth for no other reason than to get in the way, and that’s what i thought when i joined a private barbell club. i was strong, but also young and on my own, and i decided i wanted to be one thing, jacked. the closest gym to the school was a ymca and it was about two miles away, and because i didn’t have a car i had to walk. he told me my will, discipline, and ability to never quit in the gym was all that i needed and i just had to wake the f up. the bad news was that he thought i looked like shit and needed a ton of work. at first i had a real hard time with this, but after a while it was cool to see how i could absolutely destroy my chest with 70-pound dumbbells when before i was blasting away with the 150s.

after that show, i went back to my apartment and essentially ate myself into a coma. i see it as doing the things the average guy can’t do, or at least isn’t willing to do. i could never just be “strong,” i had to be “ridiculously strong” and destroy my body in the process. i wouldn’t try to cram so much training into 8 days, and the double splits in particular would be out the window. i keep a lot more muscle when i take in the right nutrients before and after training. i made the decision to be a powerlifter and i have no regrets, but i do think about that sometimes. you don’t have to be fat to lift a ton of weight. if you’re a natural lifter doing the workouts of drugged lifters, you’re going to be disappointed.

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