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a good example might be david rudisha, who is a member of the maasai, which is a fairly secluded african tribe and thus more protected from the modern microbiome perturbers. thus less of them are susceptible to the detriments that would arise if they had gut dysbiosis and ate those foods. the tarahumara are another group of long distance runners to look at: .nih.gov/pubmed/433816 – published in 1979 says their diet is “composed primarily of beans and corn”. feel free to eat a diet that of 20% sugar and 50% corn flakes and see how you feel after a few weeks.

after the sugar mention it says they eat a lot of fruit, so i’m not sure if the 20% is strictly added sugar or added sugar plus fruit sugar. i think there’s also the fact that their stomachs are not huge but they still have really high energy requirements, and can’t fill their stomachs with anything hard to digest because they’re going to go running. but the marathon is pretty short, and these days there are a lot of athletes who do longer events who are low-carb in some sense (some are low-carb or even keto all the time, some are low-carb in their base diet and on endurance training days, some tune their carb intake to how much energy they are going to burn for the day). the hadza are right around the corner with their walking all day long, 100g+ of daily fiber loads and loads of sugar from honey and even gorging on mass amounts of meat when available.

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