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deacons are called to serve the people, providing a ministry of mercy, service and outreach. both of these offices are vital in caring out the ministry of christ’s church on earth.1 with that in mind, a reader of in all things asked a question concerning training and teaching resources for those called to serve as elders and deacons. i once heard a story from an elder who was newly elected to serve in his church. imagine a church where elders and deacons were trained and well equipped to understand the roles to which they are called to serve.

a consistent theme i heard from pastors who provide training to new elders and deacons—both in established congregations and new church plants—is the concept of mentorship. one church gives a new elder and deacon a three month “grace period,” giving time for them to find a place in their new leadership role in the church while working with a mentor to ask questions and to be assisted in finding ways to best serve according to their personality and gifts. adapted from the order for the ordination and installation of elders and deacons in the reformed church in america (2000). she is ordained as a minister of word and sacrament in the reformed church in america.

elder and deacon training videos. the following videos have been recorded at live events as well as online webinars. elder and deacon training. we have a proven, beneficial training seminar for church leaders, including lay and paid in order to assist congregations and elders, the following job description template has been prepared. it , church elders training, church elders training, deacon and deaconess training, church elder training manual pdf, elder training resources.

should elders and deacons be trained? if so, how? answer. principle 1: churches should not give the responsibility of the reformed tradition believes god calls and empowers deacons, elders, and ministers of word and h. a study of women deacons and church elders in virginia. v. spiritual preparation for deacon ministry: , crcna

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