hihf training

this is a method of training for muscle in which the goal is to perform fewer, shorter workouts, but with more intense work. this is a fancy term for any kind of periodization in which you train the same lifts, in different rep ranges, within the same week. however, this is challenging in a program like hihf or hit, where training to failure is a part of the name of the game. this gives you a rough idea of the structure of the program, but how do we progress it from week to week?

once you’ve completed your heavy set for the day, it’s cool to drop a bit of weight (15-20% off your working weight for the day) and complete a few more sets of the same number of reps, if you want to get in a bit more practice. likewise, you can swap in bench or overhead press variations for the primary lifts if you want a bit more variety. methods for avoiding failure: as i mentioned above, one of the problems of this style of training is that it involves frequently training to failure. one huge benefit of this program is that, while it’s a bit complicated to figure out in the beginning, it’s very simple once you’ve had a bit of practice. if you don’t have the money for books or long term coaching, but still want to support the site, sign up for the mailing list or consider donating a small monthly amount to my patreon.

hihf refers to a method of training for strength in which you perform only single repetitions, building up not true bulgarian style as i’m not a pro, i have a job, and i’m not on anything, but specifically greg nuckols/omar powerlifting. i’ll briefly discuss the “whys” of the system: why high frequency training can be effective; why high , .

wow i’m super disapointed i totally missed this till today. i have been venue shopping for my wedding- and honestly- i wasn’t on here for at all for like 2 months. so its been 3 months of hihf training, and i’m 3 weeks this week’s topic is: bulgarian or hihf. describe your training history. do you have any recommendations for someone ,

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