nstp components

refers to the program component designed to train students to teach literacy and numeracy skills to school children, out-of-school youth and other segments of society in need of their service. (rotc only) rotc commandants shall allow the students to cross enroll with any other rotc units most accessible to them regardless of branch of service provided that the students concerned shall seek a written permission from the school registrar and rotc commandant for record purposes d. the philippine military academy (pma), philippine merchant marine academy (pmma), philippine national police academy (pnpa) and other sucs of similar nature, in view of the special character of these institutions, are exempted from the nstp. members of this corps maybe tapped by the state for literacy and civic welfare activities, through the joint efforts of dnd, ched and tesda. this course provides the students with the principles necessary to effectively serve a community. this course is designed to provide students with adequate knowledge of the various principles and methods relevant to the teaching and learning process.

cwts and lts students participate in off-campus activities (fieldwork) to familiarize and immerse themselves in the partner communities of the university. subject under this module are common to the three branches of service of the armed forces of the philippines– philippine army (pa), philippine navy (pn) and the philippine air force (paf). military science (ms) 2 (basic rotc army module) is the second term rotc module that provides infantry knowledge and skills necessary for army enlisted reservist. cwts and lts are delivered through the mixed mode of online activities through the e-leap website (.edu.ph) and actual fieldwork experience in the partner communities and institutions of the university. (cwts and lts only) students who are enrolled in the course are the only ones who can access the course website. major tests are proctored and are to be taken personally in the computer laboratories of the university.

what are the components of the nstp? a. reserve officers training corps ( rotc). refers to the program component the three nstp program components are: civic welfare training service (cwts ). this program component is designed the nstp is composed of three different components, namely: reserve officers training corps , nstp meaning, nstp meaning, nstp meaning and importance, lts nstp, nstp-cwts.

what are the components of the nstp? • civic welfare training service [cwts] – refers to the program its various components are specially designed to enhance the youth’s active contribution to the general welfare. what are under the nstp law, state universities are required to offer rotc and at least one other nstp component. furthermore , nstp law, nstp-lts module, nstp-cwts lessons, what is nstp

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