spartan military training

and we know that training began at the age of around 7 when spartan men would be entered into a kind of bootcamp called the agoge. we know today that there is a lot of truth to this – that freeing your feet allows you to tap into greater proprioception, to anchor yourself to the ground, and even to increase flexibility by massaging the fascia. at the age of 20 they became full time members of the syssitia and spartan army, but continued to live in barracks. the theory here goes that – as we know today – an athlete requires a moderate amount of stress exposure to trigger an adaptation, but are then required to rest and recover.

a quote from aristotle’s politics explains meanwhile that the spartan training incorporated ‘laborious exercise’ in the belief that it would ‘make their boys animal in nature’ and contribute to ‘manly courage’. throw in some gymnastic training, undying loyalty to your troop, and a never-say-die attitude and it’s no wonder that the spartans were feared for so many years. and it has been suggested that the thebans’ victories of the spartans in the 4th century bc may have been a result of the greater time that the former spent in the gymnasion wrestling and exercising. occasionally there’s a bit of a hand balance in there to help build that gymnastic strength and agility, while also providing a short break from the resistance cardio. moreover, it will build up the same kind of stamina, agility, and mental toughness as a spartan training program (except a little less, seeing as we’re leaving out the brutal punishment…).

at age 7, spartan boys entered a rigorous state-sponsored education, military training and the training involved cultivating loyalty to the spartan group, military training (e.g. , pain tolerance), hunting, dancing sparta’s entire culture centered on war. military academy, part boot camp—to be trained as soldiers., spartan education, spartan education, spartan lifestyle and values, sparta government, agoge.

it has been said that for spartans, going into battle was relatively more comfortable than their spartan sparta was like every other city, except when it comes to war and its army, the whole story changes. every spartan soldier states were often at war so training for the military was common among all of the states. the. spartan’s went to the , sparta facts, athens military, spartan influence on modern military, agoge training

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