Training agenda template

Training agenda template is a sample document that shows the plan to provide training to business employees in order to enhance their skills. A well drafted sample training agenda can help business or individuals to increase training effectiveness and efficiency.


Training Agenda Format

Training agenda needs to understand the training needs of the target group. In order to increase the training effectiveness, it is important to know the training needs of employees. There are three methods to know the needs of employees: interview, observation and questionnaire. Interviews with employees from all levels are the commonly used assessment tool. Observing employees at work is also a way to know that the employee needs are. Questionnaires can be useful when assessing the requirements of the group and offer the element of confidentiality.

Training agenda needs to consider the delivery methods of training. There are several ways that training can be delivered. For example, the company can choose a trainee to be trained by experts in the latest technologies and techniques. The staff can also be sent on training courses. The company can even organize a customized training depending on the need of the company. Training can also be done online.

Training Agenda Template

There are free agenda template you can download for reference, however, you may consider designing your own sample training agenda using common software such as Word or Excel. During the development process, it is important to consider the training agenda format, training agenda layout and outline.

The first key part in training agenda template is the training background information. In the section, you need give training details so that the attendees can have an overview of the training. For example, Training Location:____; Training Date and Time:___; Training Teacher:___; Training Material:___.

The second key part in training agenda sample is the training time schedule. In the section, you need to give detail time allocation for the training program. For example, the Day 1 Training schedule:___(State the training activities and time allocation).

The last key part in training agenda format is the training instruction and resources. In the section, you may list the resources for the training. For example, the Training resources:___(State the materials, support etc.).