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it is to me the best overarching system for training and managing workers, and it significantly influenced toyota. the methods of twi still work, and can really help you to improve. hence, twi developed the main four modules based on allen: there are a few more modules in existence, mostly developed after the war by successor institutions of twi. out of these, job safety is the most successful one. the key people of twi founded the twi foundation and the twi inc, but without the government backing it had much less influence in the us.

the war peak between 1940 and 1945 is clearly visible, after that there is a gradual decline to the present. twi considers five important skills that every supervisor should have, or what they call the five needs of a supervisor. twi assumes that the knowledge of work and responsibilities is taught by the workplace, as it is difficult to generalize these topics. the job instructions program is in my view still very good and very useful for training most working tasks. i try to summarize these modules, but most of the text comes directly from the original documents of the war manpower commission. here in brasil, senai – serviço nacional de aprendizagem industrial (which is an institution maintained by financial support of industry) still multiples it with great sucess.

this book is highly recommended to any management person that is considering applying twi programs as the allen devotes much of the book to not only his four-step method of training, but to methods of instruction and effective training within industry, by donald dinero, explores a crucial piece of a lean initiative that has been , .

books. the roots of lean – training within industry by jim huntzinger; the 7 kata: toyota kata, twi, and lean relative volume of term training within industry internet search (google trend, 2005) , followed by conrad the graph below shows the mentioning of twi in books during the last century. the war peak ,

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