u s department of state ata program

the three phases were conducted sequentially with devtech evaluators traveling to each of the three partner nations to observe ata outputs and activities in different contexts. a major contributor to this approach is also the absence of a performance management system that tracks ata activities and achievements. the program review assessment helps shape and re-evaluates the resources and focus of specific ata country programs. in the absence of these external actors a clearer methodological approach to the development, implementation, and justification for projects is necessary.

there is a clear positive correlation between specific environmental factors in the pns and the abilities of the local law enforcement ata beneficiaries to achieve and sustain program goals. respondents stated that the clear advantage of the ata program is the crt course because it is an intensive tactical training course to develop hard skills in responding to a variety of crisis operations. the operations processes are well structured to work harmoniously toward effective delivery of the ata training courses and complement one another. the regional focus on training and the shift in the staffing structure to a psc status are significant initiatives in terms of new and alternative practices.

where does ata programming fit within the broader department of state and interagency security sector capacity the department of state’s (state) antiterrorism assistance (ata) program’s objectives are to provide this text file was formatted by the u.s. government accountability office (gao) to be accessible to this u.s. department of state webpage contains information regarding: the anti- terrorism assistance [ata] program , .

the department of state’s antiterrorism assistance (ata) program was initiated in 1983 as a and can not adequately protect us facilities and personnel in the country (i.e., official, business, tourism); the ata program has served as the primary provider of u.s. government antiterrorism training to law the u.s. state department is reportedly increasing its the state department’s antiterrorism assistance program (ata) the ata program was started in 1983 and, according to the ,

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